Corporation details - Cloak and Daggers [C-D]
Alliance: Initiative Mercenaries CEO: Xalib Zondo
Kills: 74 HQ:
Losses: 14 Members: 53
ISK destroyed: 1,695.87B Shares: 10000000
ISK lost: 4.89B Tax Rate: 10%
Efficiency: 99.71% Website:
Cloak and Daggers [C-D] is looking for skilled PvP pilots.

Full API required
A minmum of 5 mil SP in PvP Skills
Fly a Stealth Bomber or Interceptor
Good track Record - show us your KB
No Corp Hoppers
Mumble with headset and mic

Applications for Membership must go via
Cloak And Daggers Recruitment channel in game.

Cloak & Daggers operates a strict NBSI policy.

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