Corporation details - Black Serpent Technologies [MAMBA]
Alliance: Northern Coalition. CEO: Gho Higyidr
Kills: 134 HQ:
Losses: 6 Members: 165
ISK destroyed: 286.95B Shares: 39000
ISK lost: 0.48B Tax Rate: 5%
Efficiency: 99.83% Website:
Recruitment Status: SELECTIVE (must have a vouch)

I (
Gho Higyidr ) am a strong supporter of Broadcast4Reps. Please, please know.. These bros and gals are here for you. Depression is a horrible disease.. but you are never alone!!

Always Remember:

Interested in getting to know us first? Join our public Discord:
Publc MAMBA Discord
You may also convo Gho Higyidr#9164 directly.
MAMBA is a 10-going-on-11 year old PvP corporation. We are here to have fun and violence all your boats!!

Gho Higyidr
CO-CEOs: Kobutsu
Wind Jackel
Military Contacts:
Var1able Bastanold Wind Jackel
Ebag Trescientas Achylies

MAMBA is family. We know when real life comes first... but we also know 0.0 demands our efforts to the fullest extent possible.

We are multi-timezone. You are required to PvP if you join.
100 Kills expected in your first 30 days of your 90 day Trial Period. 500 to 1000 kills in the last YEAR required or 1500 to 2000 lifteime and you MUST HAVE a vouch, either from someone who has been in MAMBA for at least 6 months, or another member in NC.! NO exceptions.

Those interested in joining should join
MAMBA Public

Proud members of Northern Coalition.
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