Corporation details - Touring New Eden [T0URS]
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Our corp is composed quiet space ninjas who do not actively seek out PvP but are very capable of defending ourselves.

Public channel for recruitment and diplomacy:
Recruitment Status: [ OPEN ]

More information here:
Touring New Eden - For pacifists, explorers & solo pilots

---------------[ Contacts ]---------------

[ CEO ] ......................
Alexia Morgan

---------[ Our Mission Statement ]----------

We are a friendly, neutral and pacifist corporation. We maintain a non-aggression policy (NRDS). We will develop and maintain friendships with corporations and alliances around New Eden, allowing our members greater freedom when travelling.

---------------[ About Us ]---------------

We're a unique corp for 'pacifist space ninjas', as someone described us. We're explicitly for solo pilots, nomads, travellers and explorers - pilots who love to roam, travel, do their own thing, while also avoiding PVP.

Our members learn how to avoid PVP and stay alive while travelling safely through nullsec.

As a corp we have no base of operations. The galaxy itself is our home. We have no POS's or territory to defend, and no corp operations to join. Our members are scattered across New Eden and live wherever they choose, all doing their own thing.

However, we are also part of an indy coalition (not an alliance) in Amarr space and if you are interested in mining fleets, PI and manufacturing then we have that as well.

Our members value freedom. If this interests you, you're welcome to join us.
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