Corporation details - Mind Games. [P5YCH]
Alliance: Suddenly Spaceships. CEO: Buhhdust Priest
Kills: 134 HQ:
Losses: 11 Members: 146
ISK destroyed: 784.57B Shares:
ISK lost: 3.72B Tax Rate: 7.5%
Efficiency: 99.53% Website:

Recruiting PvPers across all timezones.
If you are interested you can join
Suddenly Spaceships. Public
We're so original, we're Werthers.

Corp Contacts:
Buhhdust Princess
CEO: Demetri Slavic
CEO: Jackaryas
Recruitment: Ultroth
Diplomacy: Ravluen

[21:17:06] Kenton Maa > saw so many redeemers on screen I thought my game had glitched

[22:46:35] JimSkyleder > i think you guys are kind of cool for nazis

[21:44:15] Olivia Khurelem > hey t3 fleet
[21:44:23] Olivia Khurelem > fuck off

[22:18:01] Quindaster > Before fight I told - thez will be hard pvp plazers...

[20:33:10] Damagebladee > I'm living with someone that loves to cook next year, fuck yeah
[20:33:31] Lugburz > your mum?

[18:42:07] Axle Nightshine > next time we meet ill be evicting you fools
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