Corporation details - Dependent On Pilots [DOPLR]
Alliance: Wormhole Society CEO: Ace Lonestar
Kills: 121 HQ:
Losses: 38 Members: 50
ISK destroyed: 408.94B Shares:
ISK lost: 3.91B Tax Rate: 10%
Efficiency: 99.05% Website:
New to Old Vet Player Friendly.
We are looking for like minded Corps and Players, reach out to a recruiter (
the-cage derp or CEO Ace Lonestar!

[*Full API disclosure req.*]
DOPLR is willing to help with the ESI/Vetting process

Idealistic Corporate Background:
"A Conglomerate of Similar Mindsets...New Beginnings"

-Leading Tier (All Sizes & Shapes) WH Training Entity
Members have gone on to Alliances like; Darkness, GSF, Lazerhawks, Shadow Cartel, & Waffles to name a few)
-Alpha/Omega 0 SP Friendly and usually worth every minute you spend time with us learning
-PVP and PVE Content to pay for the fun in a variety of ways
-Most Play Timezone's...Leadership is very ACTIVE
-SRP Corporate Approved PVE Ops like Gas Huffering, Mining, & Sleeper Combats
-Most Skillbooks are free to members
-ISK Effeciency is the only KB Monitored Activity (Basically being taught to be EVE smart!)
-PVP Skills is guarnteed to improve, no matter what level you are already at
-Aggressively Recruiting open minded pilots that want to learn how to 'Winmatar' with any ship:

-Serving the CCP o7 Show model of 'The Best Ship is Friendship' since May 2015

Doppler Inductee Program
-Official Flight Plan will be issued when you began your inductee process which will allow you to make independent ISK through 'WH' activities and learn to be an excellent fleet PVP Pilot when the need arises. This is where EVE becomes prefered game of choice!

[Blue Shift] Newly formed pilots are approaching DOPLR for Eve PVP
or to better their entire EVE content.

Red Shift] This is where we release our pilots to show that they have the ‘right stuff’ and have openly received the electromagnetic waves of information as they go out into the galaxies.

"There is a PVP pilot in you!"
- Christian Andreas Doppler (Founder)
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