Corporation details - Touring New Eden [T0URS]
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Losses: 2 Members: 18
ISK destroyed: 0.00B Shares: 1000
ISK lost: 0.20B Tax Rate: 0%
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---------------[ About Us ]---------------

We're a unique corp for 'pacifist space ninjas', as someone described us. We're mostly for solo pilots, nomads, travellers and explorers - pilots who love to roam, travel, do their own thing and engage in all the aspects of the game's content that doesn't require ganking other pilots.

Our members learn how to avoid PvP and stay alive while travelling safely through nullsec, develop their mining and manufacturing base for a steady income, exploration hacking, conquering abyssal space and running combat sites of all types.

Though we are not a PvP corp we do offer interested interested pilots and corps the opportunity to contact for supporting roles such as logistics, hauling and fleet boosting.

We also seek out affiliations with like minded corporations and have had many with other corporations in high sec regions and null sec.

Our members value freedom. If this interests you, you're welcome to join us.

For recruitment and diplomacy contact:
Recruitment Status: [ OPEN ]

More information here:
Touring New Eden - For pacifists, explorers & solo pilots

---------------[ Contacts ]---------------

[ CEO ] ............

---------[ Our Mission Statement ]----------

We are a friendly, neutral and pacifist corporation. We maintain a non-aggression policy (NRDS). We seek to develop relationships with other players, corporations and factions that will allow us to expand our pacifist options for our members. To this end we do engage in support roles for others in need of logistics, hauling, and fleet boosting just contact our CEO, but mining, combat sites, missions and exploration remain our favored activities.
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